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What is Good Content?

Answer: So many things. Accepted definitions of common marketing terms like “content”, “story” and “value”, like any word, can become stale, begging for a fresh definition. Everything I write is only as valuable as the need for it. Good content taps into what people care about most, learned by careful listening. It then rebuilds, connects and shares the stories around those real experiences. In this way, storytelling remains a powerful and immersive way to reflect a truth, and a reflected truth is always good content.

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Newsworthy Newsjacking

Newsjacking: Brilliant or skeezy… or both? The U.S. government shutdown has gutted federal workers of well-deserved pay, certainly forcing many to reconsider their financial investments. Enter Hyundai. In it’s most recent marketing move, the auto-maker has offered to defer all payments federal workers pay on their Hyundai cars. Not only that, but any federal worker who buys a Hyundai during the shutdown can get up to 90 days of no payments. This move has ellicited both eye-rolls and head-nods, and is either brilliant advertising or a cheap trick. Perhaps both. No matter the opinion, Hyundai’s earnings will have the last word.